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Subvention and bid support practices:

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This article was originally published in Kongres-Magazine and the original article can be accessed here: 


Q. Does your city have any strategic subvention plans for conferences?

The City of Prague has focused its support mainly on larger associations meetings with more than 500 delegates. 

Q. What kind of subvention does your city offer and for what kind of events?

The Prague Convention Bureau can arrange complimentary public transport tickets for meeting organisers, which applies to association congresses for over 500 delegates. For corporate events, we can secure 50% discount on public transportation. In both cases, there are certain conditions that can be found on our website. Besides that, there is also financial support fromt he City of Prague assigned to association congresses with more than 700 delegates, which can be used for meeting room rental or a welcome reception. 

Q. What is the most important aspect when apppying for a subvention?

The financial support is available to associations, foundations and other non-profit bodies, and from a minimum of 700 delegates at least 60% need to be from abroad and spend a minimum of 2 nights in Prague. When applying for a subvention, cooperation with a local association and other counterparts is obligatory. 

Q. Does your city subvention offer include any free travel abroad or reduced local transportation to and within the city, any free venue, free reception, free brochure or marketing?

In addition to the already mentioned free transportation passes and the financial support designated to cover the meeting room rental or welcome reception, in cooperation with Prague City Tourism, we also provide clients with free city maps and Prague brochures.

Q. Are subventions the latest big thing in the meetings industry or should they be considered as the very last option for the destination to win an association meeting?

Financial support should not be the main deciding factor, but just a help to those in need of it. 

Q. Tell us something about yout latest success story and subvention from your city?

Last year Prague hosted the 12th European Congress of Epileptology, ECE 2016, where the financial subventions played a significant role in the decision-making process when slecting the destination. The congress attracted more than 2000 delegates. 





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