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Association Spotlight - Malaysian Society of Association Executives

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Malaysian Society of Association Executives, also known as MSAE, was officially registered with the Registry of Societies Malaysia on 31 July 2017. It’s establishment was in response to the urgent need for a single body to regulate the profession of association executives in Malaysia.  The logo of MSAE with the letter of ‘M’ represent ‘people’ which signified that MSAE is an one roof association for Association Executives in Malaysia. The slanting forward design font signified that MSAE is a progressive association that champion Malaysia Association Executives’ career success, knowledge advancement and sustainability.



To be recognised as the leading national society pursuing excellence in association management.



To advance the stature and professionalism of associations in Malaysia through advocacy, education and advisory services.


The objectives of MSAE are as follows:

  1. To advance, improve, promote, advice and protect the profession of association management.
  2. To accord networking opportunity for those involved in the association management by exchanging of their expertise, experience, knowledge, and information through meetings, forums, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and related activities at local, national, regional and international level.
  3. To advocate for fair and appropriate treatment to those involved in the association management.
  4. To conduct educational and training courses for those involved in association management aimed at raising knowledge, service quality, administration skills, management technique and operational standard.
  5. To recognise outstanding associations, non-profit organisations, and association management companies as well as their staff, employees, office-bearers, business associates, and others through planned events, visits, competitions and awards.
  6. To acquire, collect, research, publish, preserve and disseminate data information in the field of association management as well as engaging with Government authorities, statutory bodies, press and media, and other relevant parties for the benefits of the Association.


Council Members:

President –

Dato’ Dr. Zaliha Omar


Malaysian Association of Rehabilitation Physicians


Secretary –

Evelyn Cheong

General Manager

Malaysia Retailers Association


Treasurer –

Ho Sook Wah

Past Secretary-General

Malaysian Gas Association


Committee Members –

Datuk Dr. Raj Abdul Karim


Malaysian Council for Child Welfare


Dr. Yu Kee Su


FIABCI Malaysia (International Federation of Real Estate)



Sunny Chee

General Manager

National Heart Association of Malaysia


Amos Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers



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