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Association Spotlight - European College of Sport Science

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 Péter Kakucska, Executive Director introducing the European College of Sport Science.

When was your association founded?

In 1995

Where is your association based, how many members do you have & in how many countries?

Cologne, Germany. About 3,000 members in over 70 countries.

Who are your members?

International sport and exercise researchers and scientists

What is your mission & aim of the association?

To lead the promotion and application of world - class, multidisciplinary science in sport and exercise.

What are the major challenges facing your association?

Membership retention and business diversification.

What kind of events are organised by your association?

Annual international congress, trade show, recruitment events.

What is the decision process behind the selection of a destination/venue?

  1. bidding submission, 
  2. longlisting, 
  3. feasibility evaluation, 
  4. shortlisting, 
  5. site visit, 
  6. technical evaluation, 
  7. final round, 
  8. contractual evaluation, 
  9. Congress Manager’s final recommendation,
  10. Executive Board approval.

What does your association do in terms of legacy, do your meetings have a societal impact on the destination?

Our congress host is represented by a local institution leaving an impact on the national development of the sport and exercise science community. Together with the host, we raise funds to a local charity by organising a marathon. We also offer an internship to one of the students from the host university. 

Are you looking to forge collaborations with other associations? If so in what areas of expertise?

We have started a collaboration with an association that is similar in governance and outputs. We assist one another by sharing experiences and planning tools. We also provide support to one another by attending each other’s events.

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