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SURVEY: Relationship between Association Culture and Performance

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This message has been posted on the ICCA website on behalf of one of ICCA's verified association executives, Silke Schlinnertz from Euroheat & Power.

"Just like cultures in general, organisational culture especially in associations can be complex. Organisational culture is, very simply, "how we do things here”. It is the spoken and unspoken rules that people follow, their history, values and how those values come to life through people’s behaviours. From executive decision making about association strategy to establishment of an organisational culture where members and staff feel welcome, included, and empowered to contribute, strong culture ensures that an association has the direction and resources needed to meet its goals. Moreover, it’s well documented that organisational culture impacts the results of organisations.

This survey is conducted by Silke Schlinnertz in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Executive Master in International Associations Management in the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

The focusing question that inspired this study is, “Are associations by virtue of their relationship-driven nature in fact better positioned than say corporations to become winning cultures? If so, what are the attributes of such an association and how can all associations develop their best winning culture attributes?” Winning culture as defined by Larry Senn (Ref.: focuses people’s energy on being:

  • more accountable
  • more aligned, collaborative and mutually supportive
  • more customer-focused

The survey responses will be analysed to determine the following:

  • how organisational culture is approached in the association world generally and according to different association structures (e.g. federation, trade association).
  • concrete examples of the building blocks to create a winning culture in an association.
  • case studies for effective culture and organisational performance management.

The outcome of the paper will be shared with each participant or association, wishing to receive the results.

The survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.


Thank you!"

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