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ICCA AMP 2019 Learning Book: Post-event educational resources

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Here’s a question for you: What inspires you? What causes a burning passion, a fire in your soul that gets you off your feet, determined to do whatever it takes to create success? At the 2019 ICCA AMP, we aimed to experience these feeling for ourselves, in and outside the meeting room! Use the Learning Book, created specifically to provide resources to help delegates and all those interested in continue to learn from the topics we explored in our programme, to be inspired to go further with your industry education.

The idea behind “Inspiration to go further”

When we were designing the programme for 2019, we knew we wanted all ICCA delegates to walk away empowered to tackle and solve their most burning challenges. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our host destination Durban, a city whose residents have used local heritage and traditions to reach great heights and drive the development of their own knowledge and passions, we decided on the perfect theme: "Inspiration to go further". That's why we created this Learning Book, to provide useful resources and articles collected and created by our speakers and the ICCA team to help AMP delegates, ICCA Members and meetings industry practitioners to continue their education.

From our keynote speakers and education sessions to the story of our host venue, sources of inspiration featured in every aspect of this year’s programme. You’ll find reminders and examples of these throughout this publication. 

Download the ICCA AMP 2019 Learning Book

Highlighted sessions

In the Learning Book, we've put together online resources related to all of the education sessions. You can find articles and videos related to some highlighted sessions below:

Keynote speeches

Education sessions

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