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Increase your profile in the meetings industry with these free and simple ICCA PR Tools.
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Inside the ICCA PR Kit

ICCA offers some very effective and simple PR tools which enables ICCA members to increase their PR profile in the international meetings industry. These 4 PR tools are all available for free in the “ICCA PR Kit” in the My ICCA section:

  1. Download an Excel file with press contacts to distribute your press release.
  • Do you want to make sure the world's meetings industry media cover your latest developments and successes? 
  • Do you think it's too expensive to hire a PR agency?
  • Do you consider it's too time-consuming to build up a database of media contacts in-house?
  • And how can you make sure it stays up to date when contacts change so quickly?

    The ICCA PR Kit is your key to fantastic media coverage! 

    The Press Database, “the press list for the meetings industry”, is available as an online searchable database, containing over 400 profiles of the leading media (magazines, websites, e-newsletters) and freelancers in the international meetings industry. 

    Filter options 
    Please see a print screen of the search page of the ICCA Press Database below:
    ICCA Press Database Search Screen

    Members can filter media titles by:
  • Target group: Meeting planners/buyers (further divided in planners of Association meetings, Medical/pharmaceutical meetings, Corporate/Incentive meetings and Governmental meetings) and Meeting suppliers (Destination Marketing, Meeting Management, Meeting Support, Transport and Venues
  • Target country
  • Circulation number
  • Audited circulation numbers: Advertisers look for audited circulation as a mark of credibility and professionalism, as this assures that a given media title does indeed reach the number of people claimed by the publisher
  • Frequency of publication
  • Media format: Printed press, E-newsletter, Online news portal and Freelancer/PR Agency
  • Country where the editorial contact is based
  • Language
  • Free text search
  • Media titles published by ICCA media members.

    Long-standing ICCA media member Martin Lewis of Conference and Travel (CAT) Publications says: 
    “It is important that media buyers understand how to identify the publications searching the precise audience they wish to reach in their PR and advertising efforts. In the modern world it is imperative that budgets are used carefully to target specific market segments. The ICCA Press Database allows ICCA members to target their news releases very specifically and it makes it able for them to make the right choice for their advertising. I am convinced ICCA members will be able to increase their PR profile using the ICCA Press Database and that it ensures maximum ROI of their ICCA membership.”

    The ICCA Press Database has full print and export (to MS Excel and PDF). As some media titles have the same editorial contact, ICCA members can also export de-duplicated Email lists in MS Excel which makes it easy to send out a personalised and targeted press release.

    The database is updated on a continuous basis by the media contacts themselves and by ICCA members who can report updates when they are browsing the profiles in the Press Database. ICCA includes links to Press Database Update Forms in every press release that it sends out and is also sending out update request emails to all media every 6 months. ICCA members can update media profiles in the online database when they are running into outdated data. After a confirmation check by ICCA, the media profile is updated in the live database.
  1. Post your press release on the ICCA website, by following these steps:
    1. Login to the My ICCA section on our website
    2. Below "Share your news", click on "Post your press release"
    3. This opens a form which you have to fill in to post your release.

All press releases are published in the ICCA Member Press Release section on our website.

Tweet your press release: Share your your press release via ICCA's official Twitter account, by writing your Twitter message in the same form. Please note that you can use maximum 120 characters as we need room to add the link to your release on the ICCA website.

  1. Share your Bid Wins with the ICCA community using a form in the My ICCA section. Here’s why we encourage members to upload their winning bids to our website via the form in the My ICCA section:
    1. If you report the meeting information of your winning bid to us when winning it - instead of after organising it, you will be sure that it is included in future ICCA statistics and country and city rankings.
    2. Show your success to associations. A winning bid is a PR moment. ICCA enables you to make the most of this opportunity by communicating it to associations, as part of the ICCA community, via our website. When you upload your winning bid it will also be included in our quarterly newsletter to over 5,000 associations. 
    3. Help us show to associations (and potential ICCA member-suppliers) that ICCA members organise their biggest meetings and that ICCA is a reliable partner for association meetings.
  2. Use the PR Guidelines Articles to find tips & advice on how to be successful in PR from ICCA media members, ICCA Congress speakers and tradeshow press teams.

Please note the ICCA Press Database is available for free to all ICCA Members in the My ICCA section of the ICCA website. For more of ICCA's PR products, please watch the instruction videos below: 

All about the ICCA PR Kit

ICCA Press Database



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