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Marketing & Communications

Advice and resources on event marketing, PR, social media for meetings and marketing trends like Big Data.
With digitalisation, the needs of association members have evolved. To remain competitive and stay relevant to their needs, associations have to evolve as well.

Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Events at 2018 winner VisitScotland, spoke to us in May 2019 at IMEX Frankfurt and gave us the lowdown on what winning the Best Marketing Award meant to VisitScotland.

Over the last decade, tourism marketing has changed significantly and is on the cusp of another big evolution.

The annual ICCA rankings, published 13 May, are one of the most eagerly anticipated meetings industry publications. They offer some very valuable Marketing and PR opportunities, if used wisely...

After a successful three years of global advocacy, the fourth edition of Global Meetings Industry Day takes place on Thursday 4 April. Here's how to get involved in this amazing chance for global industry advocacy (and fun)!

When it comes to marketing and PR opportunities based on rankings, we are keen for our members to know that the possibilites go far beyond our annual Statistics Reports! It all depends on how you want to profile yourself or your destination...

After a successful two years of global advocacy, the third edition of Global Meetings Industry Day takes place on Thursday 12 April. Here's how to get involved in the fun!

Attendance might be dissapointing when you organise your first event, without a marketing budget, and no inlfuencer agency to help you out.

I remember the time, when you had a slowdown in your workload. I remember times around the summer and Christmas holidays, when the amount of emails and urgent actions required was minimal.

Jonathan Sivak, director at Tapfuse, discusses the importance of ROE over ROI when it comes to event technology

In today’s age of budget cuts and time constraints, the question of proving the value of your annual meeting has never been more important.

It has long been thought that business organisations are hierarchies, islands in a vast sea of capital markets. This market hubbub over hierarchy has eclipsed the true value of a shadow organisation called the network.

It doesn’t take Einstein to conclude that motivation and empowerment are the key to retaining your human capital, yet it appears that some organisations – large and small alike, are still failing to recognize this key facet as something not to be tak

Why are conference dress codes so boring and predictable, whilst simultaneously managing to be totally ambiguous? If Dutch delegates really turned up in “business attire

Updating your sponsorship packages with the times is critical to keep your supporters happy and your attendees engaged. Terri Toennies, CMP, founding board member, Association for Women in Events

Today's guest post is by Mark Kao, department manager for COS Group, and head of COS Rental. This is the first in a three-part series on using Instagram's new features for events.Instagram just keeps growing. Its user base surpassed the 500 million m

The logo may be a ghost, but there’s nothing scary about one of the newer social media platforms to bust onto the meetings scene.

I recently read a Fast Company article about how the rise of the freelance economy, and the fall of traditional jobs and companies, will change the U.S. economy in pretty dramatic ways by 2040.

A meetings industry panel at the Global Business Travel Association Convention this summer engaged an audience in a discussion of “the attendee journey of the future.”

Event marketers are always after the latest, greatest tools and ideas that will engage audiences at trade shows and conferences.

“We already know what we’re going to present at the meeting, and we know what attendees want to hear about.” How many times have you heard that from your internal meeting clients?

Nowadays, a lot of meeting planning is done through videoconferencing and other forms of virtual meetings. So you’re probably familiar with this scenario:
You log on to Google Hangouts and wait for your team to arrive.

How do you know if your large meetings actually produce the results you want? Are people engaged and motivated as a result of the experience?

When you’re looking for a destination for your new association congress, your multinational corporation’s innovation conclave, or your plant managers’ training trip

David Stankiewicz, project manager/strategic programs with IEEE, a professional association for the advancement of technology, showed how meeting planners can use Google+ Hangouts to enhance an event by

One of the many reasons I wish I could have gone to the Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress last month was to go to a session called, “Powering Up: Women and Leadership in the Meeting and Event Industry.”

What drove 24-year-old Chelsea Krost to stand up for Millennials and identify all the goods things they were known for when she was only 16?

Millennial delegates are twice as likely to extend their stay in a destination post-event than older age groups, according to new research.

The majority of delegates ask short questions at events, but long questions prove more popular, a study has revealed.

We’ve all had that one call – the one that excites and challenges.
A recent one went as follows: “So we have an American biotech client with a Singapore regional office running a weekend workshop in Kuala Lumpur in four weeks time.

On behalf of the Conventa experience team we would like to invite you to become a hosted buyer at the 8th Conventa and join a select group of international meeting planners

QuickMobile has published its third annual white paper highlighting what the mobile event app company—and some of the industry’s thought leaders—predict will happen with mobile apps and event technology in 2016

There may be nothing more dismaying for a meeting planner than looking out at a half-empty ballroom while the closing keynote speaker takes the stage.

Among the recommendations in a new insights paper from brand experience agency FreemanXP is to hire a content DJ

Many conference organizers provide potential attendees with templates and tools designed to convince the boss to approve their participation.

Experiential marketing is changing the brand marketing landscape, according to Pickled Egg MD Ricky Knight.

Matthias Schultze, Managing Director of the GCB German Convention Bureau, shares his thoughts on trends set to hit the meetings industry next year

We regularly write about and advocate for the importance of face-to-face meetings. I may be a little biased since I make my living off of them, but here’s yet one more example of why they work so well.

Many conference organizers are jumping on the micro-learning bandwagon as a silver bullet for innovating their conference education.

This article is about what influencers outside the world of meetings have to say about what people expect when you entice them from their everyday lives and draw them to a conference.

If you and your organization aren’t talking about the Internet of Things yet, you will soon enough.

While direct-mail campaigns and working with external partners are vital pieces of her event marketing efforts, according to Meredith Fortunato, e-mail marketing and a VIP program yield more than half of her event registrations.

“At events, your best customers are literally standing in the same room as you. Take advantage of this opportunity to get some feedback!”

Annual meetings can be costly for organizations. Themes change, logos change, and, no matter where you go, you need new directional signage.

“Event marketing ultimately is about getting the right qualified attendees to register, maximizing your revenue by attendee and growing exhibiting and sponsorship revenue,”

Some meeting planners’ budgets are so scrutinized that they have to justify every expense.

Twitter allows us 140 characters to deliver a message and catch the attention of our followers to take action.

Meetings planners can expect more socialising rather than networking and venue operators better be ready to supply the latest technology to facilitate communication for Generation Y and pimp up the mood in their centres