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Marketing & Communications

Advice and resources on event marketing, PR, social media for meetings and marketing trends like Big Data.
Feeding Facebook and Twitter is a time consuming process, but it can pay off, says XING EVENTS.

I just clicked through to read PCMA's What Your Organization Can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge in terms of fundraising,

Peter Komornik, CEO of shares his advice on language barriers and communication at events.

Everyone likes, but do you ever think about why?

Video on the internet is growing exponentially. In the United States, 660% more videos were watched compared to the previous year!

Apple is in essence a tale of inventions that have changed, and are changing, life …

You may have heard about the incident at this month’s South by Southwest festival in which a woman was asked to remove her hijab at registration in order to get her photo ID taken.

Delivering the keynote address a few years ago at an Annual Users Group meeting of TMA Resources, maker of association management software, usability expert Amy Schade, director, Nielsen Norman Group,

At the Global AgInvesting conference, event organizer HighQuest doesn’t leave networking chance.

I agree with every single thing Christina Green says in this EventMB post about the importance of customizing your event offerings to meet the specific needs of each of an organization's members

Today's guest post is by Mark Kao, department manager for COS Group, and head of COS Rental.

The most creative minds and famous personalities in the events industry are on Instagram—and so are you. But there’s one big difference: The cool kids and tech-savvy event management companies have thousands of followers—and you don’t.

What do event organisers most crave from their meeting or conference?
I’d be willing to wager that attendee engagement features heavily in anyone’s top three

Organizing an event or conference requires months, sometimes years of detailed planning, for just a few days of networking, learning and maybe a couple of cocktails.

So your client wants an innovation speaker. You might have an idea of what that means, but what does it mean to your client?

Meeting professionals want to use social media to foment more participant engagement around meetings and events, but getting started can be daunting.

Sherri Lindenberg, senior vice president, Crump Life Insurance Services, says she and her marketing and events team have struggled over the years to present an awards ceremony