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Meetings technology

Find information on and meeting technology suppliers for event apps and other mobile technology, meetings software solutions and virtual meeting shows.
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With digitalisation, the needs of association members have evolved. To remain competitive and stay relevant to their needs, associations have to evolve as well.

We discussed how to make the move to digital and the processes to implement online alternatives to face-to-face meetings.

Over the last decade, tourism marketing has changed significantly and is on the cusp of another big evolution.

We are living in a time of unprecedented technology change. How will these changes affect association meetings and tradeshows? Will they remain a central form of education, networking and marketing?

Confused by VR, AR, mixed reality, and everything in between? Here's a handy breakdown of the pros and cons of using them to enhance your delegates' event experience.

But with so many exciting new trends in meetings and events, how can you spot the one which is likely to have the most impact on your business and events?

We are living in a time of unprecedented technology change. How will these changes affect association meetings and tradeshows? Will they remain a central form of education, networking and marketing?

What draws participants in to new events each year-- and what brings them back? From keynotes to panel discussions, an organiser’s focus is on building an impressive, content-rich experience that aims to delight and inspire.

Bandwidth is just the beginning of the terminology meeting planners need to get familiar with.

Jonathan Sivak, director at Tapfuse, discusses the importance of ROE over ROI when it comes to event technology

Mastering the Exhibition Journey - A White Paper
How top venues are using technology to succeed.
Including insight into RAI Amsterdam's approach.

No one wants to think it could happen to them, but your chances of being hacked are growing every year. Here are five things you need to stop doing now to keep your meetings safer:

Drones can add some high-tech excitement, cool video perspectives, and hot new audience engagement elements, but as is true for most new technologies

Over the past 10 years, our company has done quite a bit of consulting with leading event technology providers.

A meetings industry panel at the Global Business Travel Association Convention this summer engaged an audience in a discussion of “the attendee journey of the future.”

As he began his presentation on cyber security at meetings, Michael Robinson showed a slide to the audience. “Recognize this?” he asked. We all did.

If your attendees or exhibitors want to set up mobile hot-spots as alternatives to using a venue’s Wi-Fi provider, they should go right ahead, says the Federal Communications Commission.

IMR Blogger Stephanie Selesnick shares her insights on Big Data, and how event organizers can leverage it to better understand their audiences' needs.

The meetings and events industry has been pursuing meetings consolidation since the 1990s, including total meetings spend management, savings measures, technology, standard processes.

Make it easy for your attendees to take selfies branded with your logo or your meeting's hashtag when you work with digital advertising company Porter24 to install a touchscreen in your meeting hotel lobby or conference space.

The vast majority of meeting planners choose their venues before they choose their AV providers. But in-house AV companies work so closely with hotels today that choosing the venue often locks you into using the in-house AV provider.

Millennial delegates are twice as likely to extend their stay in a destination post-event than older age groups, according to new research.

We’ve all had that one call – the one that excites and challenges.
A recent one went as follows: “So we have an American biotech client with a Singapore regional office running a weekend workshop in Kuala Lumpur in four weeks time.

Several things happened after the Federal Communications Commission fined Marriott International $600,000 in October 2014 for blocking attendees' personal Wi-Fi devices

QuickMobile has published its third annual white paper highlighting what the mobile event app company—and some of the industry’s thought leaders—predict will happen with mobile apps and event technology in 2016

Planning a daylong hybrid meeting that includes live interaction with more than 600 participants in 80 countries is not for the faint of heart.

Meeting and event technology consultant Brandt Krueger was a fountain of information on all things audiovisual during several sessions he led at IMEX

Fire. Terrorism. Riots. Hurricanes. There is no shortage of events outside of your control that can affect a meeting.

Matthias Schultze, Managing Director of the GCB German Convention Bureau, shares his thoughts on trends set to hit the meetings industry next year

If you and your organization aren’t talking about the Internet of Things yet, you will soon enough.

Event technology has been identified as the area most likely to deliver the next major innovation for the industry, research from IMEX has revealed.

Meetings planners can expect more socialising rather than networking and venue operators better be ready to supply the latest technology to facilitate communication for Generation Y and pimp up the mood in their centres

The millennial generation are a breed of tech savvy travellers where the need to access the digital world has become of paramount importance

SponsorMyEvent has unveiled new tools to help event organisers land sponsorships.
The new tools enable organisers to manage relationships with sponsors and find new potential sponsors.

Tech firm Lumi has unveiled Lumi Track, a delegate tracking product that gives event planners the ability to check-in attendees, monitor their attendance and generate reports that offer insights into attendee behaviour.

The onsite meeting used to be known as the “black hole” of event data management. . Planners used computers to gain insights before and after events, but during an event they were “flying blind.”

It’s the Wild West in the attendee mobile app space! The barriers to entry are low and there are literally hundreds of companies offering solutions.

Almost 97 per cent of delegates cite small, face to face meetings as their favoured form of communication, according to new research.

Event professionals want more engagement at events, but are confused as to what that means, a new report has found.

There are three main ways to boost your event registrations, said Dave Lutz, managing director, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, at a Cvent Connect session held in Las Vegas in June:

Remember when rapper Tupac (who was killed in 1996) took the stage in hologram form at Coachella in 2012, performing with live stars Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre? (If not, here’s the link—it is pretty impressive.)

Whenever I go to conferences and trade shows globally, I always notice a bit of “budget envy” that comes from those who plan small to mid-sized events.

MeetingMatch, a new mobile app aimed exclusively at helping meeting participants network before, during, and after an event, launched earlier this year.

If you want your event to be truly memorable, infuse it with the host city’s local flavor.

The days of pointing a stick at a blackboard are long gone. Innovations in technology now allow us to create presentations that sing, dance, speak multiple languages, and travel the globe.

Ask a meeting planner who has been in the industry for a while and no doubt they’ll be happy to share stories recounting events and meetings at some pretty unusual and unexpected

Cloud-based event management software company etouches has just released “The Event Planner’s Playbook,”

New research suggests that a third of young professionals dislike event apps. Given the way apps have been promoted to organisers, this may come as a surprise.

You may not know it, but hacks and cyber-attacks on meetings and events should be on the list of things that keep you up at night.

Students, physicians, scientists, software designers, and business execs gather at Tufts to reinvent the state of medical education.