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Meetings management and design

Advice on meeting planning and design.
Both event organisers - and sponsors - must offer more value, according to INCON expert working group.

Mobile event app developer QuickMobile has launched a new social networking tracker and engagement platform

Forge's Jeremy Rollinson says tech teams need to help planners after hotel group fined for blocking Wi-Fi hotspots at events .

INCON report finds traditional sponsorship deals are being replaced by direct meetings with key figures.

If you think pirates have become more aggressive of late, you’re right. It’s time to fight those persistent third-party companies that try to get your meeting’s

This question is asked during every training, conference session, and webinar I present, without fail.

Organisers and their audiences disagree about the value of social media in meetings, a recently published survey has shown.

The grounds for creating a mobile meeting app are quite different depending on whether the app is for an association or a corporation, according to a new Meeting Professionals International/DoubleDutch survey.

Local or regional breakfast and lunch meetings are now popular with federal government employees.

The economy may be looking up these days, but most planners still are still looking for ways to save costs while actually providing a better return on their attendees’ investment in the meeting.

Here are 50 ways to cut costs when planning your next meeting.

Hundreds of billions of sensors are deploying quietly. They will track our every move and monitor almost everything with which we interact.

The meetings industry has for many years been a kind of medieval fortress of classic organizational and procedural approaches.

As PCMA’s 59th annual Convening Leaders conference kicked off in Chicago, two back-to-back sessions looked at the science of predicting the future, and at some key elements of what that future could bring.

Here are some of the top developments one AV expert has seen recently, including ideas on how meeting pros can leverage these trends to ensure that their meetings are successful.

I read a fascinating article in Wired on Oculus Rift and the future—the very near future—of augmented reality on a recent flight to Los Cabos, Mexico, for the IRF Invitational, and those who think it’s just for gamers need to think again.

Picture the most successful meeting you ever attended. You read about the education and the venue, and decided that the program would be a worthwhile investment.

Nestlé has said it was 'very disappointed' a health conference was cancelled after senior NHS figures urged a boycott over its sponsorship.

What’s the key to trade show success? Recognize your “disrupters” and turn your attendees into fans.

Corporate clients are leading the way when it comes to demanding high-speed reliable internet connectivity.

Audience interaction platform, which offers a simple way to create audience polls and manage speaker Q&A, has announced a new integration with Prezi, the cloud-based presentation platform.

Here's a collection of apps for work and life that planners are using right now. But apps often change and new apps get launched, so we'd love your help in keeping this a lively list.

The Obama Administration has named the Whole Earth Calculator, an app that tracks leftover food donations, among the private-sector initiatives helping its efforts to combat climate change.

Virtual meetings are predicted to develop twice as fast as face-to-face meetings according to Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) special Meetings Outlook.

A new online social media toolkit released by Tourism Research Australia aims to help event managers understand in eight easy steps how best to use social media to promote their regional events.

A data tool introduced by ICCA for its supplier members has implications for association meeting pros, too.

Feeding Facebook and Twitter is a time consuming process, but it can pay off, says XING EVENTS.

Experienced global traveler Ulla Buchner-Howard, CMP, DFA, adjunct professor at New York University’s Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management, shared insights with attendees at the MeetingsNet Beyond Borders Summit

I just clicked through to read PCMA's What Your Organization Can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge in terms of fundraising,

Peter Komornik, CEO of shares his advice on language barriers and communication at events.

Three days after corporate, association, and third-party meeting planners with expertise in global programs got together

Everyone likes, but do you ever think about why?

I frequently write about the limited adoption of strategic meetings management programs by organizations that are leaving themselves highly exposed from regulatory, duty-of-care, and fiduciary perspectives.

Apple is in essence a tale of inventions that have changed, and are changing, life …

Gastroenterologists all over the world are sitting in their clinics wondering why all the congresses the attend don’t have opening ceremonies like APDW 2012.

Here are a few negotiating nuggets gleaned from attending industry event sessions led by John Foster, Esq., CHME, who serves as outside legal counsel for Meeting Professionals International, as well as senior partner/attorney with Foster, Jensen, & G

1. Termination and Excuse of Performance
Sample Clause: “The parties’ performance under this agreement, in whole or in part, is subject to acts of God, war, government regulation, terrorism, disaster, strikes, civil disorder,

Articles written for meeting planners about recovering value-added tax, or VAT, paid for international meetings and conventions are usually pretty short. That’s because the process is complex, subject to change

As you all know, I am a big believer in strategic meetings management. And as you also know, I am often perplexed by the fact that many organizations have not adopted the three core requirements of SMM

Staying within budget is always a major concern for meeting and event planners. Take event technology, for example.

Annual meetings can be costly for organizations. Themes change, logos change, and, no matter where you go, you need new directional signage.

Philip Myers is a highly experienced corporate entertainer who has made his mark in the industry by offering a multitude of customized show options, both as a versatile solo act as well as by fronting his band.

“We’re not in the business of putting customers on diets, but healthy food must always be an option. ‘Good for you’ is mainstream,” said David Riederman, worldwide sales director for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts,

As a meeting professional, you know that:
Someone will unexpectedly declare that they’re vegan, gluten-free, and kosher—and mess up your whole meal plan.

Do you rely on “smile sheet” evaluations to measure how well your meeting is progressing toward its goals and objectives?

At the Global AgInvesting conference, event organizer HighQuest doesn’t leave networking chance.

Because webinars are relatively easy to produce, inexpensive to host, and bring geographically far-flung participants together with the click of a mouse, they have become ubiquitous in the world of continuing medical education.