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Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap Launch

On Friday 11th November at COP27 in Sham Al Sheikh, the attention of the watching world was drawn to the launch of the Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap – a landmark publication for the international events and meetings industry. One which shows our collective and practical commitment to tackling climate change… and driving towards net zero by 2050. 

The Net Zero Carbon Events initiative was launched in August 2021 with the aim of bringing the global events industry together on a common journey to Net Zero by 2050. This Roadmap is the result of a collaborative approach by the 400 plus organisations from 55 countries which have become supporters of the initiative. It aims to set out a common pathway to achieve this ambitious goal. 

This is a very important moment for all in our industry, an industry often seen as one that needs to address change due to way our work is conducted. Publication of the Roadmap accepts this, and demonstrates a real willingness to lead change.  

Our industry impacts the economies in a huge range of sectors across the world. We also connect with a vast array of suppliers and support services: from transport and catering to design and accommodation. We have a global responsibility, but we also have a global voice. The Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap uses our unique and far-reaching voice to: 


  • Communicate jointly our industry’s commitment to tackling climate change and driving towards Net Zero by 2050.  

  • Develop common methodologies for measuring the industry’s direct, indirect and supply chain greenhouse gas emissions.  

  • Construct an industry-wide Roadmap towards Net Zero by 2050, and emissions reductions by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreement and climate science, with support and guidance on key issues.  

  • Foster collaboration with suppliers and customers to ensure alignment and common approaches.  

  • Establish common mechanisms for reporting progress and sharing best practice. 


The Roadmap is in three parts: 

  • Common Approach – setting out the Common Pathway and Priority Action areas with an overreaching framework towards Net Zero. 

  • Guidelines and Resources – helping individual companies with their technical set up to create consistency as they follow their individual Pathway. 

  • Further Information - appendices, links and research on key topics. Further Information – appendices providing essential information, research, and links regarding key topics. 


Importantly, the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative is open to all organisations in, and around, the events industry. Members can join for free at any time… although a financial donation is appreciated. 

ICCA is proud to be one of the original partners in the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative, and we look forward to our friends and colleagues joining us as we strive to achieving Net Zero by 2050. 

To download the report, find out who is already involved, and understand why it’s time to take an industry-wide stand and address the most pressing issue of our age.


Download the Roadmap