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Seoul developed international association meetings future research project!

Seoul has marked yet another milestone by partnering with ICCA in an extensive research project for future development. The Customised Leads Generation project enhanced the partnership between the two organisations and is a focal point in developing future business development for the city of Seoul, which is an opportune investment especially during this challenging times. This project is led by the Seoul Tourism Organization, the main body that is responsible for marketing and development of the MICE industry in this thriving metropolis.

The project includes complex research compilation by both parties with Seoul Tourism Organization taking the lead in determining parameters of industry relevancy, size and also type of rotation of international association meetings they wish to procure for the future. The result is expected to provide a clear roadmap for Seoul to track and develop relationships with the key association champions that have been identified.  

Important data on national societies linked to academia within Korean top universities, research centers, scientific communities, active national associations and societies, with some of them being active key opinion leaders and industry champion at an international level have been presented to Seoul. This well-defined research project applies a unique algorithm from ICCA’s MyIntel which encapsulates thousands of data available on the ICCA Association Database into specific leads which is useful for such development. Normally such data mining would take many research hours, but with this automation added with advance research by ICCA’s top researchers, we had ground-breaking results within a short timespan! 

Project leader of this Customised Leads Generation at the Seoul Tourism Organization, Ms. Suah Kim is extremely delighted and commented that, “This project has provided Seoul an opportunity to link the data of international association meetings that we currently have in our system and compare them with the vast data in the ICCA Association Database. With ICCA’s expertise we can connect them with our key economic development clusters in a strategic manner. Our next step is to knock on the doors of our local champions and build a strong case for Seoul to host future meetings.”  

As Seoul focusses their effort in bringing more international association meetings to the city, this project is critically important. In 2019, Seoul is ranked number 15th in the world for the ICCA Global Ranking and 4th in Asia. Seoul has hosted more than 2,600 international association meetings since 1964 with the most future meeting booked for 2024, which is the 49th IEEE Int Conf on Acoustics, Speech & Signal Processing ICASSP where they are expected to host 2,000 plus delegates. To date, Seoul has confirmed more than 50 international association meetings that meets ICCA criteria with the largest one is the 19th World Congress of Gastroenterology GASTRO 2023, with 5000 delegates to be held at COEX.

ICCA Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Noor Hamid thanked the Seoul Tourism Organization for their trust in this partnership and with such project ICCA is able to support members such as Seoul to further advance their business development. He also hoped that ICCA will be able to partner other member cities and national convention bureaus in similar projects in the future.