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Welcome Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Management

This month, we get to know Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Management a bit better with a Q&A below:

1. What was your motivation to join ICCA?

Our motivation is to meet the industry demand to educate highly skilled professionals, and for this purpose, the global network as ICCA community is crucial for us to tap into the industry expertise for knowledge exchange, which is a core focus of the ICCA’s business culture. Besides, we have learnt that ICCA is rolling out its first industry certification program, ICCASkills, which we would like to integrate into our curriculum in the near future.

2. Tell us your story. How did Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Management get started?

Ritsumeikan University is a leading private university which has its headquarter in Kyoto, and now it became the 3rd largest university in Japan. Ritsumeikan has close relation with Kyoto University in its history, such as accepting seventeen professors who were forced by the government to leave Kyoto University for their pacifist activities during the war.

Ritsumeikan University will establish the school of tourism and hospitality in 2024 in Osaka, Japan. There is a significant industry demand to educate highly skilled professionals, as Osaka will host Osaka Kansai EXPO 2025 followed with the opening of integrated resort. We believe that ICCA is a perfect community to interact with key players in MICE and tourism industry.

The word Ritsumei????comes from a Chinese passage, in the Jinxin  chapter?????of the Discourses of Mencius????which states "Some die young, as some live long lives. This is decided by fate. Therefore, one's duty consists of cultivating one's mind during this mortal span and thereby establishing one's destiny." Simply, Ristumeikan????? is a place to establish one's destiny by life-long learning.