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ICCA Top Tips: Increase your association business by becoming a Meeting Insider

Enlarge your inside information network and subsequently increase your association business by becoming a Meeting Insider. Find out more about this incredibly handy tool in the Association Database!

What is a Meeting Insider?

In the ICCA Association Database you can be a Meeting Insider. If you have won a bid for a meeting, and you would be happy to share information on the bidding process with other ICCA members, then first make sure the meeting is in the ICCA Association Database. Then open the meeting edition profile and click on the purple button named "Become a Meeting insider". 

How do you become a Meeting Insider?

Fill in your contact details (you can even upload a picture of yourself), and ICCA Head Office will create a link to those details in that specific meeting edition profile. You can become a Meeting insider for a maximum of 2 meeting editions. And please note that the meeting editions should not be older than 2 years.

What are the benefits of being a Meeting Insider?

Only ICCA members who are also an insider can see the links. It is basically an online Business Exchange.

By ticking the Meeting Insiders box in your Advanced search field for potential business, you will find all meeting profiles that could come to your destination and have a Meeting Insider attached. This means that you have a contact person within your ICCA network that knows all about the bidding process for that particular lead. This will give you the competitive edge!

Would you like to know more about this and/or other useful tools ICCA provides to its members? Or would you like to write a Member to Member Top Tip? Please contact Willy Cortus at