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ICCA Association Newsletter

March 2016

Association Newsletter: March 2016
2nd Quarterly Update

Please find below your Quarterly update from ICCA, which we hope will be of interest to you.

Bridging the gap between associations and suppliers
The Association Meetings Programme (AMP) is ICCA’s new annual event, where ICCA members and international association executives will learn from each other and from a top faculty of experts about key aspects of bidding and decision-making, organising, promoting, and designing international association meetings. AMP replaces ICCA’s long-standing Research, Sales and Marketing Programme (RSMP), which had previously only been open to ICCA member delegates. Just as with RSMP, this programme is designed for any ICCA members who work with international associations through research, bidding, sales, marketing, ambassador programmes, or who provide organisational or technical services for these meetings. Attendance at AMP is capped at a maximum of 150, to enable the delivery of highly personalised sessions and advice to every attendee.

Association Executives may attend the event by invitation only. If you are interested in attending please contact: Ksenija Polla, CMP at
ICCA launches new white paper: “Association Meetings - Return On Investment“
In today’s day and age of budget cuts and time constraints, the question of proving the value of your annual meeting has never been more important.

In order to address this question ICCA specifically designed a ROI tool for its members to measure the value of attending ICCA events. Overtime many ICCA members have started using this ICCA tool at every trade show and conference their organisation participated, as it significantly improved the effectiveness of their planning and evaluation processes, and encouraged all their staff to think about personal development opportunities as well as how they can contribute towards corporate priorities and targets.

Inspired by our members we have modified the original publication for association meeting planners, not just for your own use and understanding on how to prove the ROI of your meeting, but to customize to your own association’s particular circumstances and objectives (e.g. if you are running a medical conference you can include individual-delegate objectives around CME accreditation). This generic version is designed to both illustrate the principles of ROI of meetings, and to contain enough concrete detail to usefully copy/paste for your own version. We are therefore including a PDF document as well as Word document which you can easily use and adapt. 
Have you ever let an outsider read your own bid document? A fresh set of eyes can provide many useful tips on elements which are ambiguous or need further elaboration.

Louise Friis-Hansen from the International Federation of Surveyors shares her experience: “ICCA reviewed our bid manual, and we are very grateful for this. The review pointed out ideas on what could be useful to include (e.g. we had not included information on WI-FI which is extremely important these days), formulations that could be misinterpreted or were difficult to understand, and hints on what information would be useful to include as mandatory. The very qualified and thorough review from ICCA helped us to publish a bidding document that has resulted in more comparable bids and has made it easier for us to evaluate whether the bidder fulfils our requirements.
The Zika virus is already having a small but growing impact on meetings, but has the potential to quickly become a much more serious threat. Although the travel advisories related to Zika only relate to pregnant women, the idea that others could carry Zika back to their home countries because many don't display symptoms is a tabloid headline writer's perfect scary ingredient for causing a media-hysteria, and will result in meeting delegate numbers to drop. Meeting planners and suppliers are preparing by taking proactive steps to educate their clients and delegates about the threat to pregnant women and provide responsible and factual information and advice. In order to help you prepare your communication, we would like to share this checklist for effective crisis communication for dealing with geopolitical challenges and a potential crisis in the run up to an event:
This is the first edition of an annual forum for ICCA members and meetings industry friends in the Middle East, designed to raise awareness about the value of international meetings for destinations, venues, PCO/DMCs and other suppliers across the region, and to explore how to increase competitiveness and win more meetings business.  The 2016 Forum marks the first steps on the journey towards the 2018 ICCA Congress, preparing the region to take full advantage when 1,000 of the world’s top meetings experts will converge on Dubai. For more information please contact the ICCA Middle East Director, Senthil Gopinath at
Sharpen your knowledge at IMEX Association Day - 18 April 
Association Day at IMEX focuses on how to improve your association and your events, whilst meeting peers in similar roles. The day before IMEX starts - the afternoon of free interactive education led by leading associations (including ICCA, PCMA and ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership) is designed to help you transform your events and your organisation. Each year the programme is updated in order to bring you the latest information on trends, challenges, new innovations, compliance and all that’s going on in the association world. This year’s theme is how to keep your association relevant and the programme will explore the different ways in which associations are tackling this issue. 
Letting Our Best Ideas Take Flight
Expand your association management knowledge to help you run your association more effectively, while you network with association executives from across the Asia-Pacific region. Mark your calendar for ASAE’s Great Ideas in Association Management Conference, Asia-Pacific, 10-12 April 2016, at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong.

  1. Middle East Association Congress,
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    5-6 Apr. 2016
  2. ASAE Great Ideas Global Association Management Conference Asia Pacific,
    Hong Kong
    10-12 Apr. 2016 
  3. Association Expert Seminar,
    Frankfurt, Germany
    16-18 Apr. 2016
  4. IMEX 2016,
    Frankfurt, Germany
    19-21 Apr. 2016
  5. ICCA Venue International Client/Supplier Business Workshop,
    Cancun, Mexico
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