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Welcome Hunan Starshine Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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This month, we get to know Hunan Starshine Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.  a bit better with a Q&A below: 

1. What was your motivation to join ICCA? 

We are a company that is committed to doing a good job in exhibitions and has a relatively rich accumulation of industry foundations. ICCA has the world's most powerful data system. Entering ICCA can help us find the most suitable meeting plan. The analysis and learning of exhibition data is an important part of doing a good job in the exhibition. We want to join ICCA because we want to seize the opportunity to fully enhance the communication and exchanges with excellent exhibition service companies at home and abroad, so that the company can progress to a higher stage, and run and learn with all the exhibition colleagues!

2. Tell us your story. How did Hunan Starshine Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.  get started?  

Hunan Starshine Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established on December 24, 2015. Hunan Overseas Tourism, the largest tourism group company in Hunan, recruited employees with rich experience in MICE tourism to form the initial team, which successively absorbed conventions and exhibitions from Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. Professionals, with the continuous development of business, has gradually grown into a well-known brand in Hunan that provides convention and exhibition services to the government, enterprises, and overseas institutions.

3. What sets Hunan Starshine Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. apart?

Innovative ability, teamwork ability, can complete creative planning and design with high quality and efficiency, and provide customers with activities and exhibition effects that exceed expectations.

4. What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

  • IEEE International Conference held in Xi'an in 2018
  • PRCV International Conference held in Xi'an in 2019
  • Xinhualian Group’s 30th Anniversary Commendation and Art Evening

5. Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings?

Data and resource sharing, experience and technology transfer are very important in this industry. Continuously improving learning ability and sharing and cooperation are the keys to future development.

6. What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing currently?

We are always looking for more breakthrough opportunities, hoping to obtain more channels for effective information exchange, and we need to use more updated and advanced concepts and methods to grow the team and enhance the value of the company's brand.

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